The Road to Becoming Socially Acceptable

This is radicchio-lus!

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Just remembering how Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, etc. all looked like they were made on MS Paint.

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Feeling sick to your stomach today, Brilynn?

TOO BAD! Today is the first time in forever that your house is having water problems and the toilets don’t flush!

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dont click “tumblr pro free” on your sidebar




its tumblrs april fools joke but its a pop up video and it could really scare people (it scared me) plus its full screen please tell everyone!!

even if you arent triggered by videos randomly playing full screen the video itself could trigger people. phobias of motion, skin, nails, space, dogs, shaking, scopophobia, bare chests, heights, repetition, etc. could be triggered by the video
please be safe

How I imagine these people doing anything.


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